Teaching Online

It doesn’t seem so long ago that if you wanted to make your living as a teacher, you needed to get a job in a school, a college or give private lessons at home, or at the home of your students. The advent of online services like Skype and Youtube has literally opened up the world to tutors and teachers. Just about anything that could previously only be taught in a face to face situation, can now be taught online.

Not only does this mean that your students can come from anywhere in the world, but it also opens up myriad new viable subjects and courses. If you live in Rochdale, the chances of finding enough students locally, who are interested in learning ancient Peruvian, for example,  are not high. But when you can garner your ‘class’ from the entire world, it becomes a much more viable proposition.

So is there something you could teach online – it could be a language, a skill or something else?  If so, there could be people from the four corners of the globe, just waiting for your PC based class to start enrolling students.

An Opportunity In Dog Sh…

There can be few more annoying things than realising you just stepped in a steaming pile of dog muck and it’s going to take you half an hour with a sharp stick to return your ridge-soled trainers to their former glory. I was therefore interested to hear of a company called Streetkleen based in Wales. The company have developed a system which I don’t really understand, for converting dog waste into biogas. I have no idea how viable this is as a business, but there’s no shortage of raw material so it could be worth investigating.

Any business that converts waste products into something useful has to be commended and will receive a sympathetic hearing from both potential investors and customers. Is this eco-friendly trend something you might be able to cash in on.

The One Book Book Shop

Did you hear the one about the bookshop with just one book? Well it isn’t a joke. A New York author , Martin Kessler rented a shop to promote his book, Martian Summer. His stated reasoning was this, “Religions ply a single book. Why can’t a bookstore? He calls himself the Monobookist.

So what’s going on here? Well a clue might come from Kessler’s other role in life – he’s creative director of an advertising agency. Of course a bookshop selling one book is a silly, uneconomic idea – unless you factor in the amount of free publicity you get from such a ‘foolish’ idea. It was picked up by media all around the world. In a crowded marketplace, it’s hard to buy that sort of publicity.

What ‘foolish’ thing could you do to draw attention to your venture or enterprise.

The Fat Bank

I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve said “only in America”, only to see an idea thriving on these shores soon after. With that in mind, I bring you The Fat Bank.

Picture the scene; you’ve just had your liposuction and sitting (looking pretty gruesome) in a jar alongside you, is the fat they’ve just sucked out of your flabby midriff. You might be thinking that it needs flushing down the drain…but no! What you should be doing with it is depositing it in the Fat Bank so that when your face starts to sag in ten years time, you can withdraw it and have it pumped into your wrinkles. Well believe it or not, that’s what’s happening in California.

How long before the first fat bank is started here? I don’t know, but whoever does it will get a huge slug of  free publicity to get things moving. Perhaps something to think about for someone with the right background and contacts.