Pay Day Loans Leads

There is much controversy surrounding pay day loans for understandable reasons, but if none of that bothers you, they can be a source of income for lone entrepreneurs.

T3Leads is a lead generation company which pays people to generate leads for a variety of different markets, including payday loans, car loans and insurance. These are then sold on to their merchant partners.

The leads are captured via lead generation websites, so you as an individual only need drive potential leads from your website to theirs.  According to the company, payouts for payday loan leads can be as much as £100 per lead, and as long as you’re not generating fraudulent traffic or leads, they’re very unlikely not to allow you into their programme.

If you have existing websites and customers, this could be a good way to generate some extra revenue.

Robotic Sex

Two New Zealand academics are predicting that brothels of the future will feature robot prostitutes. In a research paper on the sex industry, Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars argue that by 2050, clients will pay for an evening that features everything from lap dances to intercourse with “a range of sexual gods and goddesses of different ethnicity, body shapes, ages, languages, and sexual features.”

Aside from being an entertaining diversion, the report  throws up a serious  point – if the ‘oldest profession’ in the world is set to succumb to the unstoppable march of technology, what jobs will be left for humans to do in the not too distant future? Surely there can be very few, and this will have huge implications for how people earn their living and spend their time.

The Alternative Limb Project

When I was a kid, spectacles were horrible things, and the range of choice was virtually zero. Today they’re fashion items and you can have pretty much anything you want. Now we’re seeing the same range of choice moving into other areas of ‘disability’.

Last summers Paralympics really brought the whole subject of disability to the fore. We’ve been saying here for some time now, that people, who need equipment or devices to help them with a physical problem, are no longer prepared to accept second best. The Alternative Limb project is a private enterprise, set up to satisfy the demand for fashionable, unconventional prosthetics.

The company aims to help amputees customise the prosthetic limbs they use. Customers can have a limb made to their own design, reflecting their fashion sense and personality. So far the company has built a ‘stereo leg’ with built in speakers for a songwriter, a modular anatomical design for a former soldier and a floral prosthetic for a young mum, amongst others.

So what’s next? What other category of health or wellness product might be ripe for a fashionable makeover? Utilitarian products simply don’t cut the mustard any more.

If Carling Did Weddings…

A friend of our Operations Manager Julia Briscoe, organised something a little bit different for one of her other friends wedding. I won’t spoil the surprise, but you can take a look by clicking here.

In less than a week, the video has had more than 345,000 views on Youtube and been featured in local and National news media. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see total views exceed the one million mark over the coming weeks.

It shows what can be achieved with a little imagination. There was no commercial element to this, but imagine if there was. Getting your name/product/company/face out to so many people in such a short time –and for free – is something that has only recently become possible. How might you capitalise on the opportunity?

Teaching Online

It doesn’t seem so long ago that if you wanted to make your living as a teacher, you needed to get a job in a school, a college or give private lessons at home, or at the home of your students. The advent of online services like Skype and Youtube has literally opened up the world to tutors and teachers. Just about anything that could previously only be taught in a face to face situation, can now be taught online.

Not only does this mean that your students can come from anywhere in the world, but it also opens up myriad new viable subjects and courses. If you live in Rochdale, the chances of finding enough students locally, who are interested in learning ancient Peruvian, for example,  are not high. But when you can garner your ‘class’ from the entire world, it becomes a much more viable proposition.

So is there something you could teach online – it could be a language, a skill or something else?  If so, there could be people from the four corners of the globe, just waiting for your PC based class to start enrolling students.

Holiday Photographer

Ever thought of becoming a holiday photographer? You could be excused for thinking that this opportunity had seen better days. After all, Jessops Photographic went into administration recently, and one of the reasons cited was that almost everyone now has a pretty good camera on their phone. So why would there be a demand for someone to take photographs of you while on holiday?

Well the Smartphone boom has lifted the profile of photography. Instead of holiday photo’s  being things that are quickly scanned before being condemned to a life at the bottom of a drawer, now they’re pasted all over mobile devices, Facebook and other internet  sites. If you care about such things, you want to make sure you look your best.

A growing number of resorts and hotels are now offering photographic services with a professional as an add-on service. It seems that having holiday photographs that are a cut above the norm is the latest ‘must have’ status symbol.

At the moment, this trend is strongest in the United States (I experienced it there myself last year) but there’s no reason why it won’t take hold here. Perhaps something for keen photographers based in tourist locations to think about. The easiest way to start would be to form a strategic alliance with a hotel, theme park, tourist attraction or resort.

Photo Profits

It doesn’t seem too long ago that few of us carried a camera around with us. The smart phone revolution changed all that and now everyone’s a photographer. Here’s an opportunity to make money from the snaps you take.

Fizwoz is an online marketplace where you can upload your photos and videos and then offer them to the highest bidder. Most photos seem to go for somewhere between $1 and $5 with around $35 being the limit, so you’re unlikely to get rich from this. But what else are you doing with your photos?  There’s also a facility for publishers to set assignments for members and compete for prize money. If nothing else it seems like good fun, and you never know where it may lead.

Sell By Text

The disruptive beep of an incoming text has become an integral part of modern life. Whereas in the past, it has been thought of as yet another way for teenagers to waste even more time on electrical gadgets, it is now a becoming an integral  part of the business world. Contacting customers by phone and e-mail is nothing new, but have you considered communicating with them via text message?

Think about yourself for a moment. What do you check more often, your mobile phone or your email? The answer is almost certainly your mobile phone. And consider this – are there situations when you would open a text but not answer a call? Your answer is probably ‘yes’. People will drop whatever they’re doing in an instant to answer a text message, but to read an email? Unlikely. Or to answer a phone call? Only if it’s convenient.

Admittedly, if your customer base is largely OAP’s, this marketing approach  might not be your preferred option. However, providing the majority of your target market has its feet firmly in the 21st Century it could be worth a try.

Making Money Is Child’s Play

If you have children, you’ll know how difficult it is to encourage them to do chores for pocket money. You may also wish to teach them a few basic business and entrepreneurial skills but you’re not sure how having them clean their room is going to achieve that. I recently read about a shrewd father from the USA who had a unique idea to solve these problems. He gave his son a vending machine. After installing the machine in a local workshop, he told his son two things:

  1. That this would be the last time he was receiving pocket money.
  2. That if he wanted an allowance next week, he would have to spend this weeks on some stock.

Now cast your mind back to your own little darlings, sullenly scooping clothes off their bedroom floor, dragging their feet as they go. Is there something you could learn from this? You wouldn’t necessarily need to purchase a vending machine but any project which enables them to learn the basics of business whilst hopefully earning some extra cash would do the trick. It’s certainly something to think about.

Two Inches Thick!

Click here and look at this picture.

It’s a photograph of a man standing by his car. I first heard about him back in 2004, and we started working together straight away. Since then, he’s been the ‘brains’ behind some our most successful systems. The file of testimonials from customers is over two inches thick!

And now he’s back with something which has been strictly ‘off limits’ for over two years now. Not only is it back, but it’s just had a massive update and overhaul…and had a razor taken to the price.

If you want to get in on this, you’ll need to act quickly. We’ve only ever allowed 100 people to sneak under the wire on this at any one time. There have been none for over two years. These places will go in a matter of hours.

That’s all for now. Get in on this today, while it’s still available.