Green Weddings

It’s no secret that ‘green’, eco friendly products and services are popular at the moment, and often command a premium price.  And it seems that weddings aren’t exempt from the trend.  Some recent research revealed that two thirds of brides-to-be are keen that some part of their wedding be green. So could this be a profitable niche within the lucrative wedding market?

In the United States, we found at least one website ( which caters for eco friendly couples, and I see no reason why this couldn’t be duplicated here in the UK. If you’re looking to get a slice of the huge £20,000+ spent on the average UK wedding, and want to avoid hordes of direct competition, this could be a good opportunity to do it.

Wedding Broker

I was speaking to someone recently who is planning a wedding. It seems like it’s a two year process these days. A lot can happen in two years which probably explains the need for US based Bridal Brokerage.

Over 250,000 weddings are called off each year in the United States. What Bridal Brokerage does is resell the wedding to a new couple, enabling the original betrothed to recover deposits and up-front costs, hassle free. Venues and service providers enjoy uninterrupted business and wedding buyers get a pre-planned wedding at a fraction of the regular cost.

I don’t have the figures for cancelled UK weddings, but based on the US figures, it’s probably around 50,000. That’s seems like plenty to make a similar service viable here. Definitely something worth investigating. Start up costs would be minimal, but the middle man profits could be very attractive.