Most products could benefit from a unique angle or twist. They say that sex sells, but I’ve never seen it applied to breakfast cereal before!

Sexcereal is a breakfast wholefood, purportedly designed to improve the sex lives of men and women, with specific versions for each gender. The female version contains cranberries, almonds, ginger and sunflower – designed to balance hormones – while the male version includes bee pollen, black sesame, wheat germ and Camu Camu – with the aim of restoring energy and testosterone.

I’ve no idea whether this product will have any ‘impact’ – I very much doubt it – but it’s an interesting angle which differentiates the product from the competition. Might your product or service be promoted on it’s libido-enhancing properties?

Chinese Work Away!

There was an interesting story a couple of weeks ago about a software developer working for a big American company. A security check revealed that he had outsourced his job to a company in Shenyang China and was spending his days surfing the internet and trading on eBay. The un-named worker was paying just a fifth of his six-figure salary for the people in China to do his job for him.

Now I’m not suggesting you copy his example (the employee no longer works for the company) but it does raise an interesting question – are you doing, or paying for work, which could be outsourced overseas very cheaply? If the price of a software developer’s work is a fifth the US price in China, what other work may attract a similar discount?

The Bizinate Solution

It’s a hurdle that faces all young entrepreneurs – they have an idea for a business, but how do they go about getting a cheap online presence and take money via the internet? Bizinate has been set up to solve these problems.

Aimed at creative young entrepreneurs a Bizinate account can be set up online in less than 3 minutes. Each user gets his or her own Bizinate page and can choose the jobs they can do from a list or presets. By filling in their bank details, users can be paid directly through the site. Registration is free.

It’s the availability of tools like Bizinate which make this a golden age for would-be entrepreneurs. It’s never been easier or simpler to get up and running and noticed in a new business.

Publicity Power

The power of publicity was brought home to me about 15 years ago when a national newspaper ran an article about a book I’d just published.  The gist of the article was that the book was a disgrace and should be banned. I steeled myself for the hate mail, but it never arrived. There were just two letters of complaint, but they were accompanied by several hundred orders for the book!  Since then, I’ve experienced similar outcomes time and time again. It’s because publicity can be so lucrative that public relations agencies are able to make substantial profits. The aim of a PR agency is to get positive publicity for its clients across as much relevant media as possible.

The great thing about PR is that there are very few barriers to entry.  If you have a laptop, broadband and a phone, you already have everything you need. Clearly, you also need to learn about the business, but it’s not something that’s beyond anyone of average intelligence.

If this field interests you, it’s time to do some research. There are literally hundreds of books on the subject, so try a search in Amazon. Many agencies specialise in particular fields or markets and this would be a good place to start. Look at your own interests, experience and expertise. Could there be an opening for someone specialising in PR to companies operating in one or more of those fields?


Service To Your Door

I admit it, I’m lazy, and one of the things I really hate is having to travel for any kind of service. So I can really appreciate the thinking behind, an American website that helps the consumer find service providers which will come to them.

The site catalogues all manner of service providers with just one thing in common – they don’t expect you to travel to their premises; they come to you. It doesn’t just list the obvious things like hairdressers. There are masseurs, lawyers, accountants, personal trainers, travel agents, tutors, pet services, hypnotherapy, counselling, and car servicing….take a look at the site for a full list.

I’m not sure whether anything like this exists in the UK, but it strikes me as an interesting way to differentiate a website providing access to services used by the public. Speaking as someone who would be very happy if they never had to visit a service provided ever again, I can see this being a huge success.