This Could Be App-Ealing

You don’t have to go back too far (perhaps 2 years) to a time where hardly anyone knew what an app was, but now they’re everywhere. Did you ever wonder where they all come from? Well surprisingly, a lot of them come from ordinary folk with an idea, and now, thanks to a new invention from Google, creating your own apps has become even easier.

App Inventor for Android has been created so that anyone can develop their own smart phone apps. Android is the second largest app source (after Apple) with well in excess of 100,000 apps available. I haven’t tried it myself (not really my thing) but those that have tell me that although it’s easier to use than alternatives like Java, you’ll need a fair amount of time and patience to get it right. It could be worth it though. The best selling apps are downloaded by over a million users. Fifty pence from each of those wouldn’t be bad, now would it?

For further information just tap ‘App Inventor’ into Google.