Analogue Parking

We’ve recently seen some complicated app based crowd sourcing systems which help people to find parking spaces in busy city centres. We don’t tend to bring you ideas like that though. Let’s be honest, few of us have the time, skills or resources to capitalize on things like this. And that’s the problem with a lot of ideas these days – they’re incredibly technical. It’s good then, to see that the same thing (and probably better) can be achieved by old fashioned methods.

The ‘Here’ campaign was created by  an advertising agency in South Korea to promote S-Oil, one of the countries biggest oil companies. Imagine a car park and in each bay is a helium filled balloon, tethered to the ground by a piece of string around ten feet long. The balloon has an arrow pointing downwards with the word ‘Here’ printed on it. When a car drives into a space, it runs over the string and lowers the balloon. When it leaves the space, the balloon pops back up, alerting other drivers to the availability of a space.

I mention this for two reasons:

  1. It’s an idea which could easily be copied in any UK car park. Perhaps you could persuade a local company of the promotional potential of the idea.
  2. As evidence that sometimes we can get too technical for our own good. We don’t need an ‘app for that’. Some string and balloons work equally well.