Green Weddings

It’s no secret that ‘green’, eco friendly products and services are popular at the moment, and often command a premium price.  And it seems that weddings aren’t exempt from the trend.  Some recent research revealed that two thirds of brides-to-be are keen that some part of their wedding be green. So could this be a profitable niche within the lucrative wedding market?

In the United States, we found at least one website ( which caters for eco friendly couples, and I see no reason why this couldn’t be duplicated here in the UK. If you’re looking to get a slice of the huge £20,000+ spent on the average UK wedding, and want to avoid hordes of direct competition, this could be a good opportunity to do it.

Food Preparation Profits

Go to Marks & Spencer food hall and for a premium price, you can have your vegetables prepared to within an inch of their lives. In fact, all there’s left to do is cut open the packaging and throw them straight in the pan.  Produce tends to be a lot cheaper in other outlets, but you have to wash, peel, cut and whatever else you do with veggies. You can probably tell that I don’t cook!

Anyway, what if (say) there was a stall in your local market which sold nothing. Instead, it took the fresh vegetables that market customers had just bought, and pre-prepared them to the customers instructions? M&S presentation, but at a little over market prices. Might such a stall prove popular by combining low prices with convenience? I’m not sure really, you’d need to try it to find out.