Hydro Magic Update

A few months ago we told you about a unusual (no, unique!) opportunity we have first hand experience of here at Streetwise. Now it’s time for an update.

We practice what we preach here, and there’s no better demonstration of that than Ryan Foster. If you’ve called our administration department or customer helpline, you may have spoken to Ryan. He also works on the Streetwise Bulletin you’re reading today. Ryan has started a number of part time ventures (the education you get here is considerably better than the wages!) but has had by far his biggest success over the past 12 months with an idea he discovered in the United States.

Hydrographics is a water-based process for applying a design to three dimensional shapes. It can be used to add a design to just about anything – wheels,  car interior parts, engine parts, guns, fishing tackle, household items, phone cases – the list is almost endless. Ryan and his friend Chris Couldwell, saw the demand for this in the United States and decided to look into doing the same thing over here

After three months of researching the market and forming links with suppliers, and a further couple of months refining the production process, the business went live, first from a garage and then from a small rented unit, before moving to larger premises in January. All of this was done on an absolute shoestring budget – a process made necessary by the notoriously low Streetwise wages!

The business has taken off in a big way. Ryan and Chris are already doing work for architects, car dealers, bespoke motor cycle builders, fishing tackle shops and gun shops, as well as the general public. They even have a couple of major motor manufacturers (who I can’t name at the moment) considering using their work on special edition £30,000+ vehicles.

It shows what can be achieved in your spare time while holding down a full time job. Ryan had absolutely no help of any kind from us at Streetwise in getting this off the ground. In fact we didn’t even know about it until the business was well under way.

If you’d like to find out a bit more about this, go to www.streetwisenews.com/hydromagic where you’ll find examples of the work, a video showing the process in action and details of how you can get involved in the business yourself for next to nothing.