Make One Like It!

Make One Like It!

Have you ever had a favourite item of clothing which wore out and you wanted to buy another, exactly the same?  If you have, the chances are that you couldn’t get one.  Styles and stock change, and unless it’s an iconic style of jeans, your favourite item will have been replaced by something not quite the same. So imagine if there was somewhere you could go where they would replicate your item exactly. You’d have to pay a premium price of course, but it would be worth it to get what you really wanted.

Could there be an opening for someone to provide a bespoke service like this in the UK? Certainly there are plenty of skilled seamstresses and tailors available both here and in the Far East, where prices are very reasonable. The job for the UK based entrepreneur would be one of marketing and co-ordination rather than anything technical. ‘You Bring It, We Make It’ could be your advertising promise.

Who’s The Daddy?

I’m not sure I like this one, but what do I know?

Robert Nickell had the idea for DaddyScrubs while his wife was choosing a scrub gown for the delivery of their son. He felt left out and wanted something special for himself as a soon-to-be Dad. And so he designed a series of scrub gowns with ‘Daddy on the Front’ and ‘I’m The Daddy’ on the back. The range of products was subsequently extended to include baseball hats and T shirts.

DaddyScrubs is apparently doing big business in Hollywood, so perhaps something similar might work in areas where people have more money than sense here in the UK! Alternatively, how about designing a range of ‘That’s what you think.” T shirts for friends of the new ‘dad’? That WAS a joke!