Property Alert 19th June 2013

Many of you are serious property investors and have been asking us for a summary of current introductions. Here it is…

London – Sourcing

We are expanding our sourcing services which have been proving very popular, especially in London. We have links with many auctioneers, and can often pinch properties via pre-auction offers; something to think about, for sure. Email us with your requirements.



We note, from members who have purchased recently, that these are now paying out as promised. No more (new) replies for the moment please – we are told some recent buyers are going back for more.


12 Per Cent Returns

We have developer clients looking for finance and JV partners. They will offer 12 per cent p.a. return on cash which is about six times what your money in the bank will yield. No time-wasters, please. You need to have cash.


Pubs Make Money

If you are interested in buying redundant pubs and getting a net initial yield of 8 per cent from a 10 year residential lease then please email us back for more information.


Recent London Deals

These have proven to be very popular and I have been asked not to mention them again; other than to say, no more replies please.


Ireland Deals

We are receiving some interesting properties from Ireland. Here’s one. County Wexford (south east Ireland) – 3 bed semi – Let at £6,600 p.a. – Offers invited in excess of €35,000 – Circa 18 per cent yield  – Less than 2km from the sea.


Student Accommodation Update

Our allocation of Liverpool student accommodation has gone. So too has our allocation of Manchester student accommodation. The first block at Canterbury? Sold out as well. We have a waiting list of disgruntled missed-out members who are at the top of the list for the next introduction; we expect this to be our most popular student accommodation introduction ever. It’s in Bristol and, as of today, we can add 12 members to the list, that’s all. 


US Regeneration Bond – Wow!

The bond closed at £1.5 million, the first interest payment went out to bond holders on 31 May, bond and the property portfolio derived from the bond was recently valued independently at £2,705,000. Well done to those of you who bought in! We have a new five-year bond and compound bond coming from the same source; is this of interest to you?


Tenerife Hotel

Limited rooms available from just £14,000 per 26th. 10 per cent fixed return for 2 years. 50-50 room rental from year 3. Built and operational hotel with high occupancy. Funds transacted through IFT using an FSA regulated transaction provider. 1 week personal usage included. Rooms purchased on a long lease basis for 175 years. Optional buyback available after 10 years. 


Brazil 20 Per Cent

Every investor – bar none – who bought in last year has either re-invested in the Brazil deal and/or had their investment + 20 per cent back. We can currently introduce members to the same one-year or a new three-year deal. But only serious investors please and only for a limited period.

All for now, other than to say please do email back for details of these introductions.