Subscription Coffee

We’ve covered coffee-by-post style services before, but this is different. Israel based Cups TelAviv gives members unlimited coffee at participating venues in return for a monthly subscription.

Around 40 coffee shops and café’s have enrolled on the scheme. Members can pay a monthly subscription and then have as many coffees as they like at any of the participating venues. Members are updated on new venues and offers via a related app.

The price structure is such that it offers great value for members. They’re effectively in front after about a dozen cups of coffee. But the venues benefit too. They get a share of the revenue, plus knock-on benefits through the sale of sandwiches and cakes to people who may not have visited them otherwise.

This is a fascinating business model and one that could form the basis of a number of profitable businesses in different locations. It seems to me you could do something like this in any town or city in the UK. And why stop at coffee? What other products might lend themselves to this subscription based approach?